Grace Church

You will certainly know the Grace Church. This church has been empty for almost 3 years. Grace Church is a 100-year-old church that would be renovated a couple of years ago. Some things went wrong during the renovation, this was making the church unusable. From that moment the Grace church was out of business. That’s how the Grace church has been empty for 3 years.


The renovation

Last summer an investor visited the church to see what the possibilities were. The name of the investor is Garett. After his first visit, Garett had drawings made of the church. The renovation of the church was never fully completed because some things had gone wrong. Garett has started the renovation again. What his plans were with the Grace Church, that wasn’t clear to anyone yet.


The church was completely renovated by the end of September. From the inside, it could not be seen that it had once been a church. Soon after, trucks drove off and on at the church. It was clear that Garett was working on a project. He could be found a few times a week in the Grace Church and he managed everything in the right direction. People in the neighborhood soon became curious and wanted to take a look at the renovated church. This was not possible because Garett had ensured that no one could enter the church.


In the middle of October, a large sign was placed next to the Grace Church. There you could read Opening October 28. The same day more and more people gathered around the board. There was much talk about what was going to happen on October 28.


The moment is there

The day had finally arrived, October 28, the opening of the renewed Grace Church. Next, to the large black doors, a canvas hung over the logo and the name of the Grace Church. Around 20:00 there were hundreds of people, all waiting for the big moment.


Garett stood by the door, next to the microphone and the canvas. He started his speech and after a few minutes, he removed the canvas. It said: Belvedere Mansion. Garett opened the doors of the former church. People were given a drink on arrival and could finally see what had happened to the Grace Church.


It soon became clear that the Grace Church had been transformed into a club. From Thursday evening to Sunday evening, Belvedere Mansion is a disco. The other evenings can be dined there, with a Casino evening on Mondays in particular. Various activities will take place during the day.


Club Belvedere Mansion

Belvedere Mansion is a nightlife venue for young people from the age of 18 on weekends. There is a DJ every evening and there will be regular theme parties. For example, every day of the week will represent a specific party. For example, every week on Thursday the party: Champagne Shower. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will, therefore, have their parties.


Again there is a minimum age of 18 years. This is because since this is the age limit on which people can drink in many countries. In this club, there is a dance floor where you can dance with a bar on 2 sides. There is also a raised floor around the DJ where the VIP tables are. Each VIP table is available for 8 people.


At the entrance of Belvedere Mansion, 2 rows will be created during the weekend. 1 row for the people who are VIP and 1 row for the people on the dance floor. The club’s dress code will differ per party. For example, Smart Casual may apply on Thursdays and Cocktail on Saturdays. Garett wants the club to have varied and to attract a large target group. Also, people nowadays like to make an effort for a party.


Casino night

Belvedere Mansion is transformed into a casino on Monday evening. There are slots, table games, a bar and much more. It is a real-life spin palace. This a great way to start the week. Spending the Monday evening with friends or colleagues in the Mr Green casino. We also hear good revieuws about these online casino’s. Cashpot sponsored a lot of stuff about the casino night.

Belvedere Mansion online

For the people who can’t get enough of playing the casino on Monday, Garett has come up with something. He has a Belvedere Mansion website himself. It contains all information about the activities, parties, opening times, menus and much more.


In addition to the normal website, Garett had an online casino website made. This online casino is therefore from Belvedere Mansion. For example, he has ensured that the people who come to the casino on Monday can continue on other days. This means that Garett has set up a club as well as a restaurant, casino and an online casino.


Different games can be played at the online casino of Belvedere Mansion. This casino contains famous table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. In addition, there is a large selection of slot machines. Here  you can find the classic slots but also video slots. Belvedere Mansion also offers live casino on the website. This can be compared to the online casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette but then with a live dealer. It is possible at a live casino to communicate with other players and the dealer. This makes online casino even more fun.


The online casino of Garett offers bonuses like any other casino. In his eyes, he makes it attractive for players to play at his online casino. A bonus can consist of play money and free spins. The size of the bonus depends on your deposit. This online casino is a spin palace.

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