Garett’s intention with this project was to appeal to a large target group, respond to the needs and entertain people. In this way, he wanted to make a place where everything could be done. It has its disadvantages of having everything in one place. It requires good planning and organization. On the other hand, if this works out well then it can be a good concept. Extensions may follow to other cities and countries.

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That is not possible. Garett has indicated that he wants to remain closely involved in running Belvedere Mansion. His goal is to grow this into a well-developed company. The future, he sees that later. No new projects for now. Whether there is a possible extension of Belvedere Mansion? That would be nice, but we start from the beginning and that is this location, says Garett.

Investing in projects such as this is not that easy. There are risks attached to it, such as losing money when something does not work out well. This can provide an experience that you can take with you to the next project. When an investment works out well, it is usually cash. There are several options, but often it is either a good idea or it generates money. In both of these ways, it yields money.

Garett is an investor who often tackles large projects. Only he has never been as closely involved in a project like this. He is proud of this and sees this as his new venture. How it will end is uncertain but he is willing to put all his time and energy into it. Time will tell us how things are going with Belvedere Mansion. It is not due to a lack of commitment and motivation.

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