What about Grace Church?

Garett has quickly transformed a church into a club, restaurant, and casino. From the outside, it looks like a church but as soon as you enter, the opposite is proven. For example, Garett employs a lot of staff so that all activities can be properly supervised. Staff has been hired for the restaurant so that everything runs smoothly every night. A casino team of staff will arrive on Monday evening to provide a perfect casino evening. At the end of the afternoon on Thursday, the drink will be delivered and the catering staff will start. They ensure that the 3 club evenings become unforgettable.

The church Grace Church no longer exists. The contours of the church are still there and nothing has changed from the outside. Furthermore, there is nothing left of the Grace Church inside. The name Grace Church will also be used less and this will be replaced by Belvedere Mansion.

Garett’s goal with this project was to appeal to a large target group, respond to the needs and entertain people. In this way, he wanted to make a place where everything could be done. It has its disadvantages of having everything in one place. It requires good planning and organization. On the other hand, if this works out well then it can be a good concept. Extensions may follow to other cities and countries.

Dinner at Belvedere Mansion

The other evenings of the week it is possible to dine in the evening at the former Grace Church. The Belvedere Mansion is all about cozy dining. Belvedere Mansion has an extensive menu with different types of kitchens combined.

For example, Garett had a large kitchen built with different specialists, a few chefs for each type of kitchen. This ensures that all dishes are prepared perfectly. Garett also wants to appeal to a large target group.

Dishes at Belvedere Mansion come from multiple kitchens, such as Japanese, Asian, Indonesian, French, Italian and more. Belvedere Mansion strives to meet the needs of every guest.

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